Going Paperless

Going Paperless

Day 9 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded:

9 x Planners, notebooks and notepads
The Why…

I’ve a weakness for paper. Beautifully designed, soft luxe paper products. Notepads, diaries, planners, notebooks, idea journals… my kryptonite.

Throughout my years of schooling, university and general life I have moved from planner to planner and enjoyed drawing, using stamps & stickers finding such satisfaction putting pen to paper. Creating something new. Physically removing thoughts from my head and planning my study guide and social calendar.

Now, practising minimalistic values more and more, using these paper products are becoming inconvenient and creatively limiting.

My appointment and social calendar I now store on my Gmail account on my phone for portability and easy access. Now I draw, design, braindump and make lists in a blank, unlined A5 notebook which lives in my handbag, with a pen.

Even though it is a little sad moving away from my colourful, creative almost scrapbook-style journaling, I am finding that through journaling more mindfully with a simple pen in a blank notebook, I am able to explore thoughts more deeply and write much more coherently than before.

So I guess this is a case of “just keep it simple!”

Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 81

Moment to Moment

Moment to Moment

Normally I tend to start my daily blog post with my Title already written. Eighty percent of the time I’ll change it halfway through or when proof reading for spelling mistakes (I have my mother’s spelling genes.) Only now have I actually thought of what I’ll call this post. “Moment to Moment.”

I chose this because I do struggle just being in the present moment. I get anxious and stressed easily (as yesterday’s post can attest to) and I am a huge planner.

I love planning. Pull out my weekly planner Monday afternoon, brewing a pot of white & vanilla tea, I’ll jot down my meal plan, grocery list. Book in my yoga & boxing classes. Run errands. Call up girlfriends for dinner one night. On and on. But, this helps me. It brings security and certainty in my week and I know I’ll “get everything done.” However sometimes I wonder, is “getting everything done” all there is? Is that the right attitude I want to have?

I am not so sure. Granted, having a planning afternoon or day even can be very productive, but finding that off switch is just as important. The times I haven’t I have ended up in the hospital for an overnight stay from stress (of course Modern medicine wouldn’t label the cause of illness as stress).

Perhaps I am still looking for that happy medium between the two. Still have my planner-filled fun Monday afternoons, then just stop. Stop worrying, stop thinking “What am I doing tomorrow?” and just be. I feel like it shouldn’t be this hard but then again we are all different personality types and need or want different things.

A lesson to keep practising then. One day at a time…