Removing Emotions & Nostalgia from Possessions

Removing Emotions & Nostalgia from Possessions

Day 10 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded:

2 x packs of A4 Envelopes, 2 x packs of old DL business flyers, 4 x coloured A4 plastic pocket folders, 2 x packs of plastic pockets.
The Why…

Now being a third of the way through this challenge, my thoughts have evolved from “Quick, find 10 things to throw out today!” to “How did I even get all this stuff? Why did I let this into my life? What insecurity is encouraging me to keep this rather than move it on?”

Before starting this challenge, I thought I was a pretty simple and minimalistic person when it came to possessions. Only keeping what I needed, throwing away things that did not suite me or my lifestyle. Sure, there was room to improve but nah, I’m a minimalist. Looking back, it sounds almost ironic now. A Minimalist with a stack of unused possessions.

It is only now that I am realising that it was not the case.

I suppose it’s the same concept when moving homes. Over the years just accumulating piles and piles of stuff. (Cleaning out the old attic!) Well, let’s just call it what it really is shall we? Junk.

With this challenge at least I have the opportunity to be incredibly mindful and precise with everything I am removing. Using an analytical brain to thoughtfully and purposefully remove items from my life that truly are not serving a purpose.

Making this detachment logical rather than emotional I’m finding a difference with how I interact with my possessions now and am noticing this change become more sustainable. Now I am starting to stop attaching nostalgia or feelings with them. Starting. Certainly a long way to go!

Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 91

To Burn Nevermore

To Burn Nevermore

Day 6 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded: 4 x packets of Incense, 1 x Incense holder

Okay, so you may have noticed I missed a day. I had got busy with “life” and procrastinated about photographing and writing my daily post for this Minimalism Game Challenge. These possessions I actually discarded yesterday.

Yep, yesterday.

So I decided as “punishment” for my wavering in my post schedule I would remove two sets of six items today and make two posts in one day too (including this one!).

Bam! Take that! B.Y.O Accountability! (Well, I’ve got to make the game fun…)

The Why…

I’m trying to think of a way to write this that doesn’t sound creepy… I enjoy smelling things. No still not quite right but I think I’ve made my point.

At night, while I’m working in my study, reading, cleaning, I like to burn essential oils or a candle and enjoy their aroma. I tend to favour oils as there are so many medicinal and herbal properties that can help to change my mindset and emotions.

These incenses I had bought on a bit of whim because I did enjoy the smell, but after using one or two, the ash made quite a mess on my bedside table and smoke agitated my eyes. So back to the oils I went, leaving the incense in the back of my of bedside table draw.

The loving home these will be donated to is my Mother’s & her partner who both throughly love incense and don’t mind the smoke one bit.

Until this afternoon everyone!


Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 27