Spare Toiletries

Spare Toiletries

Day 15 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded:

1 x spare Sunscreen, 1 x spare Hairbrush, 2 x Nail Clippers, 2 x spare Toothbrushes, 3 x Stretchy Headbands, 1 x spare Headband, 1 x Epilator, 1 x Eye cream, 1 x mini Exfoliant Jar, 1 x spare Paw-Paw Cream, 1 x spare packet of Bobby pins, 1 x packet of tooth flossing sticks, 1 x teeth whitening tube (that doesn’t work!), 1 x spare pair of scissors, 1 x clay scent ornament, 1 x spare travel bottle (missing its lid), 1 x spare bar of soap
The Why…

Going through my miscellaneous “spare” object draw today (as you can probably tell from the discarded items list above!). For all of these items (Epilator, travel bottle & clay ornament excluded), I have kept the second one in my bathroom drawer. The possessions pictured above are the duplicates! Yes, the second and spare sets!

I’m a little stumped to find I had so many excess items for “just in case” situations. Holding on to all that clutter for when I “needed” it. Most of these items would have only cost me $10 or less to replace and could have easily been picked up on my next supermarket run.

It’s interesting how the mind wants to hold on to any materials it sees, even with only the slightest worth. The minuscule benefits, the tiny glimmers of possibility. We always want to be prepared, to be safe. That defence mechanism has served us well in the past when, as a species, we were hunters and gatherers saving every piece of scrap meat, plant food and materials in a scarce environment with probably very minimal resources.

But those desperate hoarding techniques, those niggling thoughts can easily become our downfall. “What if I have guests stay over last minute, maybe they’ll need a toothbrush? Better keep it. What if I lose all my other bobby pins? I’ll need them then. What if my nail clippers break? I’ll have to keep these. Maybe I can give this paw-paw to a friend when they come over? She’d be very grateful.”

But really – are holding on to these excess possessions really worth it?

In the past, sure, for me they would have been. I had projected my own social insecurities onto these possessions and then guilt-tripped myself in to keeping them. I wanted to look after and impress possible people in future who actually only exist in my own head anyway.

Not once, have I used anything of these bathroom items for their “just in case” purpose. So basically I failed. Well, my past self would have called it a failure. But my current self? Current self thinks I’ve learned a pretty nifty lesson – let go of items that cause guilt & negativity. Hold on to items that serve you and give you joy.

Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 170

Removing SALE Items

Removing SALE Items

Day 14 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded:

1 x white pair of Converse, 1 x Orange Jacket, 2 x Flannel jackets, 1 x Brown overcoat, 1 x White cardigan, 1 x skirt, 1 x pair of shorts, 1 x pair of loose-fitting pants, 1 x pair of knee-high black boots, 2 x throw blankets, 1 x Queen bed quilt cover sheet set (never used), 1 x Queen Bed spread sheet set.
The Why…

Today I went through another minimising raid through my wardrobe. This is the third time in nine months and I’m still shocked that I still find things to throw away.

All of these items coincidently are all SALE items. Buy 1 get 1 free sales, Discounted sales, Closing Down sales, Boxing day sales, VIP Member sales…

Wait! Lightbulb. Breakthrough moment – I have never enjoyed any of these clothes!

They are all possessions I only ever semi-liked or threw in my shopping bag because it was some inane consumerist 2 for 1 deal and of course, I’d be crazy not to buy it! They are basically giving it away! These clothes have lived at the bottom of my drawers, in the back of my cupboards filling space in my wardrobe and only worn the in weeks I was too lazy to do the laundry.

Now I know, I’m a sucker for SALE items. A sucker to overlook a product’s basic quality, functionality and wearability for a good price tag. However, it is satisfying knowing that this is my weakness. Now I know how to stop myself from these purchases in the future – If I wouldn’t pay full price for it, then I shouldn’t pay SALE price for it. A cheap price doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy it or even wear it after all, only I can determine that.


Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 149