The Study Junk Draw

The Study Junk Draw

Day 8 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded:

11 x Miscellaneous “Just-in-case” Items from my “I-don’t-know-where-put-it,-here-will-do Draw” in the Study, in a Wardrobe, in a IKEA Bookshelf.

Items includes: A sewing box, A small card game, Magic Cards (from when I was 9), An empty notebook, A CD for PC internet security, 2 x plastic-pocket folders, 2 x cheesy comic strip books, A set of hooks for pot plants, An empty cardboard box (no idea why I kept this), Multiple tags with buttons from clothes I purchased & a large box of coloured paperclips.

The Why…

A simple why today – I have never used any of these possessions!

I have had them, some of them for years, but I have never used or only used them only once. This entire draw is my Mismatched Possession Rubbish Bin.

When I loose something, this is the first place I look to try and find it. Of course, I never find my missing item here. Why would I? Any possession I even remotely cared about I would have stored somewhere else. But every time I still keep look here first, creating more guilt and anxiety over my missing thing.

The only purpose this red box currently serves is to create a tidy looking place to hide all my crap. Enabling the problem. Fabulous…

Well no more! Today they all are going in the tip. Not even going to add any more time, stress and energy trying to donate them to someone else. I’ll minimise the grief and forever forget about everything in this red box – maybe even the box too!


Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 72

Past Loves & Old Hobbies

Past Loves & Old Hobbies

Day 7 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded: 12 x PC Computer Games. Titles from The Sims 3, Assassins Creed, Dragon Age & Lord of the Rings.
The Why…

Growing up, my Dad was a bit of a gamer. He, my brother and I would all pay Warcraft III together, learning strategy, building bases, creating our own maps for us to play. Through the years there was Crash Team Racing, World of Warcraft & even adventure board games like Talisman and Pirates Cove.

These are some of my most favourite memories.

So, of course, from my Dad I’ve inherited a bit of a gaming love throughout the years. Excitement from epic storylines, awe from stunning graphically designed landscapes, tears from character’s untimely demise. Now however, I feel myself distance more and more from the gaming world.

Not to say that I do not like gaming anymore, I do (I’ve still got my preorder for Assassins Creed: Origins this October!). But when I look back at my at my life and think about gaming, the memories that arise have other people in them.

The time my brother made a Father’s Day themed Warcraft III map and all three of us played it… The time I had to tell off my brother to stop cheating by peaking at my base… The time my brother practiced with me for hours to teach me how to jump into the shortcut of Sewer Speedway in Crash Team Racing…

These memories are what makes those times gaming special and memorable. The other times although fun, were forgettable.

The twelve games pictured are games that I have only played by myself and have not played in over 6-months (up to even 3 years). But, yet again, I am holding on to them for nostalgia’s sake rather than practicality sake.

If I ever do want to play any of these games again I do have the paired to my Steam & Origin accounts but I doubt I will.

So to the rubbish bin it is then!

Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 61