Beach, Travel & Dresses

Day 26 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded:

6 x Books, 1 x oversized scarf, 1 x large handbag, 1 x backpack, 1 x hair towel, 3 x mini paintings from Italy (5 years old, never displayed), 1 x pair of leather black shoes, 1 x bikini top, 1 x bikini bottom, 1 x mini pink makeup bag, 1 x toothbrush, 1 x eyeliner, 1 x pink bracelet, 1 x skirt, 1 x maxi off-the-shoulder flowy dress, 1 x pair of red shorts. 2 x mini notebooks, 1 x bookmark
The Why…

Coming back after another pause in my Challenge today. I’ve been away in Fiji on Castaway Island for the last week for my Dad’s wonderful Beach Wedding and mini-holiday. We had a wonderful time snorkelling, tanning and eating local dishes. It was just wonderful to take a week off life and do nothing!

Obviously, I did not continue my challenge whilst on the Island (I would have had no luggage left!). So landing back in Melbourne fabulously tan, beach-waved hair and wonderfully energised – I dived back into the challenge in my hometown instead.

Whilst I was away, I did however still continue to get inspiration for Minimalism. I kept finding items, in my own little suitcase, that I wanted to throw out even before I had travelled home!

One of these was a beachy, summerly, floor-length, flowy blue dress. with a stretchy bandage top and off the shoulder sleeves. I had loved this dress! But even before leaving home, I had never worn it. It was in my cupboard for 4-months and I kept thinking to myself “I’ll bring it and wear it in Fiji, for a dinner night out, then I’ll recycle it when I get back home”.

Packing it preciously on top of my possessions to avoid crushing it, I was so excited to finally wear this dress I held on to, for so long. But, surprise surprise – it was not worn once. (I should have guessed that!)

So with the taste of disappointment still lingering, I sent it away. Still, it was an enlightening learning experience at how I can have emotional expectations of my possessions. Using “just for when” excuses to justify holding onto something, but never making the “when” happen.

Now at least I know that “just for when” doesn’t work for me, when I hear it pop up in my brain – I can stop holding on, before it even begins.


Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 474


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