Back into Minimalism

Day 24 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded:

1 x orange puff vest, 1 x black jacket, 1 x purple thermal shirt, 1 x blue tank, 1 x blue spotted dress, 1 x pair of black leggings (old and collecting white fluff), 1 x white sports t-shirt, 1 x blue bikini top, 1 x white sports bra, 3 x pairs of sport shorts, 3 x swimming caps, 3 x containers of lotion, 1 x grey headband, 1 x bandage tape, 2 x grey tanks, 2 x sweaters (white and pink)
The Why…

Back into the swing of Minimalism again!

The last few days I’ve been off camping north of Melbourne, near Bendigo and Wombat Place. I enjoyed a lovely few days chilling out with a good friend, 4-wheel-driving on dirt roads and sleeping in a swag (a mini tent that is just large enough to fit a sleeping bag and a blow up mattress!) on the grass.

While I was away, I had no internet, and wore the same pair of leggings, bra & tank everyday, day and night. Okay, might be a tad gross (luckily it was cold so I’d hardly sweat), but it helped show me how many clothes I actually needed rather than wanted.

It’s very similar to what I experienced coming back from a 6-week volunteering and hiking trip in South Africa in May. On my return home, my luggage was left in Thailand on a layover so when I had arrived at our house, I had stared blankly, overwhelmed at the incredible abundance of my wardrobe! What the hell did I wear before I went overseas? For 6-weeks I had lived out of a 10-litre backpack and now I had a whole 3-metre wardrobe with dozens of items to choose from? Help!

After my camping trip and back in the city again I started to continue my Minimalism Challenge. But I did feel like I needed to “warm up” again. Even only taking a few days off, the habit of my “daily throw out” was broken. Saying that, it took all of 3-minutes to pick it back up and I found even more clothing to get rid of. Go figure.

So if ever you want to declutter but can’t find a away to throw anything away – go camping for a week. Trust me, this seriously works. But you might need a long shower afterwards!


Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 416

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