One Day

Day 22 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded:

1 x Gaming Graphics card packaging box (empty), 1 x Final Portfolio from my last year of study with box, 1 x pair of folio gloves, 2 x display cardboard boxes, 1 x box full of mini cork bottles (approx. 20), 1 x box full of old PC cables, cords & software, 2 x plastic display ball things, 2 x Edison style lightbulbs, 1 x box of lollies, 1 x pair of broken grey sandals (I’d been meaning to fix), 15 x print cardboard boxes of various sizes.
The Why…

Most of these discarded possessions are old business packaging and materials that I thought I would use “One day” in the future. Very subtly different from the “Just In Case” principle – I might need this if X, Y and Z happens. “One Day” – I plan on using these One Day in the future at some point, I just don’t know when.

“Just in Case” comes from a place of fear, a place of emergency. “I’d better keep my CDs incase Spotify spontaneously combusts and I don’t have music ever again!”

“One Day” comes from a place of anxiety, a place of nervousness of the future. “I might need my ski gear incase I go skiing again! (Even though it has been 3 years!)”

However, even though subtly different, both phrases give us an out. A reason, an excuse to break our rules for the exception to said rule. But really, do we ever create just one exception to the rule?

Personally, I’ve found people tend to be one of these excuses. They are stuck in the past of “just in case”, or worrying about the future of “One day”.

With Minimalism and life, I tend to be a “One Day” girl. Will I find a career I’m passionate about “One day”? “One Day” will I travel the world and be adventurous, not fearful? I’ll need to keep these diaries for my future kids “One Day?”

This challenge has helped identify to me what anxieties I am still downloading into all of my possessions. Everyday when I am picking up and re-evaluating what each item means (or doesn’t mean) to me, I am confronted by these emotions and insecurities I had long hidden and forgotten. Everyday I am having a hard and sometimes very long internal conversation with myself about why I am holding on to these things. Now, looking back over the last few weeks, most of these items had a “One Day” reason behind keeping them.

Not that I’m going to be perfect from now on just because I’m more aware of my “One Day” self-sabotage patterns. I’m very positive I’ll find some great future worry to put into my possessions that prevents me from letting them go. The difference is that now I am aware of the problem. Now that I am aware – I can break the cycle!


Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 367


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