Waste for Waste’s sake

Day 21 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded:

1 x power-plug hard drive, 1 x portable Polaroid Printer, 3 x packs of print paper refills for Polaroid Printer, 3 x plastic lens caps, 3 x ND Filters, 2 x Flash Triggers, 2 x camera chargers, 1 x Mini Camera Bag, 1 x Insert (plus fillings) for a Camera Bag, 1 x USB Charger, 1 x sensor blower, 1 x Mini tripod adaptor, 2 x coloured flash covers, 1 x mini Flash stand
The Why…


Say Hello to old camera gear! Going through my camera draw today I was not surprised that even though I am only a part-time almost hobbyist photographer, I hadn’t used any of this gear in over a year. Most of it came from when I was studying my Advanced Diploma of Photography in a three-year course.  I am surprised however by how much un-recyclable waste all this tech generates! Completely gobsmacked, appalled, sad, angry, frustrated – the whole packaged deal.

Over 50% is non-biodegradable. Not just you throw it away into landfill and it sits there eventually rotting, but you have to go to a Battery or Electronics store and they professionally remove the toxic chemicals from the electronics then store them offsite or it pollutes the ground, gets into our food, water and oceans and basically poisons everything it touches.

It’s just sad, so terribly sad. One our race’s biggest problems in unrenewable and wasteful resources yet, hardly anyone I know even thinks about how to responsibly dispose of their electronics. But the new iPhone is coming out – better tweet about it then chuck this old phone in the bin.

I consider myself a pretty green and eco-conscious human, but I was devastated when I actually sat down and looked at my possessions that I have a huge amount of work to do. I am not as Planet Earth friendly as I thought, in fact, I’m not. I regards to technology and gadgets, I am just as 21st Century, tech hungry and consumerist as the rest of the first world population. Maybe only about 10% better because I do try and dispose of my tech waste as best I can and don’t jump at the newest electronic accessory. Not giving myself more than 10% though.

So, a harsh reality today. But I tend to work well under absolutes and bracing truths. Now it is time to create some standards and harsh rules about my technological consumptions. I’ll become greener just like this challenge. One day at a time.

Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 312


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