Compassion over Judgement

Day 17 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded:

The Complete 12 Game Collection of Sims 1, 7 x Sims 2 games & expansions, 3 x pack of Harry Potter Trading Cards, 2 x Yen Magazines, 1 x Cooking Magazine, 1 x Iron Man Swim Bag strangely containing my High school sports clothes inside it…
The Why…


It is done. I have finally cleaned out about 97% of my IKEA Box cupboard in my study wardrobe. The only think left to remove is the cupboard itself but my Mother wants to keep it for storage when I move out.

It’s funny making this change to minimalism, you begin to observe other people’s materialism. Not judge them, but begin to understand why they hold on to certain items. What they purpose for keeping them. What values drive them to do so.

For Mum, it’s the just in case rule. For my Fiance, it still works. For my Brother, well he is a Minimalist by accident and doesn’t buy anything!

It is wrong how incredibly easy it is to judge other people for their different values. To stand back and create that “wall” of discrimination. Curse it, be angry at it, be annoyed that now I have made myself angry.

I’ve been practising moving away from judgement and observing. From observation we create unbiased, facts about a person that help us to understand their “why” behind their decisions. I’ve found I’m much more compassionate and kind to other people because of this thinking.

No longer am I coming from a place of superiority, but a place of love and understanding.

It is a much better (and much least aggravating!) place to live.

Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 217


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