The “Just in Case” Draw

Day 13 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded:

1 x Stapler, 1 x Set of Watercolour paints, 1 x Set of Watercolour pencils, 1 x measuring tape, 1 x Old hard drive, 1 x padlock (from my high school locker), 1 x Old Australian Passport (my child Australian Passport!), 1 x Mini Calculator, 1 x Small Wooden Box, 1 x Piglet Wooden Box, 2 x notebooks, 1 x Old pair of Glasses, 1 x Handbag Shoulder strap, 1 x old Phone (from two phones ago!)
The Why…

All of these items have come from one draw. My “Just in Case” Draw. Shudder.

Being nearly half way through this Challenge now, I’m becoming more and more horrified for those words. Mainly because I keep seeing them pop up like in comic books, smack in my face with harsh zig-zagged edges. My gosh, just go away!

I have let so many items stay in my life because of these words. Seriously, I have kept an old phone from two models ago! One that was buggy, had an atrocious battery life, and a weak speaker. Why?

I suppose I have such a distaste for these words now because I’m learning to recognise them better. Learning the emotional and mental triggers that start the “just in case” rollercoaster up again. Learning to say “No it’s okay, let it go” because it is really okay to let things go. I won’t die if I do.

As thinking and feeling human beings have a wonderful power to store so many wonderful memories inside of our minds and bodies. Some of these stay for life, some just pass by. But that’s okay. We are always constantly changing, evolving, moving, growing and are never the same person moment to moment. We are a collection of our current and past experiences.

When we want to desperately hold on to a moment, surprise surprise there’s an item for that! “Oh that’s okay, I’ll just download this memory into this graduation certificate right here. Then I’ll never forget my three years of study!”

If we were meant to hold on to more we would have evolved with more around us. (That or Kangaroo pouches!)

But it’s like I’ve said before, some of my best memories involved the people I love most, not the objects we were using the most.

Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 135

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