Moving to the Digital Times

Day 6 (again!) out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded: 22 x CDs. A collection from my first CD at 12-years-old to now.
The Why…

I can very easily sum up “The Why” in one word.


I used to on a pink portable CD player. I love that I’m just old enough to have had one before iPods. I remember carrying my headphones, picking my favourite album and listening to the tracks (in order!) from song one to twelve, just as the artist inteaded. Very purist in a way. Now I also have a greater understanding of why people still buy records.

With the fabulous iPod invention, these CDs were bought, copied onto my computer, then across to my ipod for easy shuffle listening.

Now, I (and most others) don’t even do that anymore. No point with streaming services.

I have only kept three CDs, two of local bands and one Taylor Swift album (all of which cannot be streamed).

Unfortunately, I have no one else to give these to without them also becoming clutter in their home as well… It just feels like such a waste throwing out all that unrecyclable plastic.

I’ve knots in my stomach now…

At least streaming is green and supports the planet – thank you artists!

Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 49

2 thoughts on “Moving to the Digital Times

    1. Only if you don’t love them! I’ve nearly two bookshelves full of novels & travel books and I am always re-reading them and loaning them to friends. So to other minimalists, my books may look excessive.
      Minimalism is all about loving 100% of the items you have in your life. Sounds like the LPs & CDs you have you really enjoy 🙂

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