Nostalgia for nostalgias sake

Day 2 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game

Items Discarded: 2 x old books (last time read, about 3 years ago.)
The Why…

Today was pretty simple. I kept thinking, okay, what havn’t I used in a long time.

Ta da! Five minutes after setting that intention I came away with two books.

I’m a huge reader, love it. LOVE it! Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments, Halo series. I’ve re-read these and other series multiple times. But with this series, I liked it but there was no “wow” factor for me in it.

I held on to these possesions more for the sentimental and nostalgic love of reading in general, rather than these two books specificly.

So, time to move them on. Find them another home with a reader who will enjoy reading them for the “first” time…


Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 3


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