End the Pen-Stabbing

Day 1 out of 30 – The Minimalism Game
Items Discarded: 1 x Black Ball-point Pen 0.7mm
Item’s lifespan with me: approx 6 months.

The 0.7 Black Ball-point Pen

The Why…

Day one of The Minimalists 30-Day Minimalism Game and on your first impressions, this pen may look like a pretty lame and weak ass first day. Anyone can get rid of a pen, that’s not being a minimalist. How is shedding a single pen improving your life? Are you even trying? I could have ripped off a single sheet of paper from a notepad and called that item “Day One.” Really?

It’s probably because of doubts of how people would initially perceive this was why I put off starting this project. But for me, this pen had to be the first item. It sets the intention of my challenge and of what I hope will be following in the coming days.

This Pen is a 0.7mm black pen.

The ball-point is too thin causing my handwritting to appear messy, which I hate. After writting with it one day, I snapped off the clip. Now nearly every time I use this particular pen I scratch myself on it loosing my train of thought and making me irratated. I used to keep this pen in my pencil cup, at my desk, where I write, edit photographs, draw – be creative and inspired. Hmm, are you sensing something’s not right here? Yea, me too.

I “have been meaning to” throw away this pen for months. Literally months! I would leave this broken pen out to throw away, forget, see it untidy on my desk, put it away, use it again, scratch my hand, then nurse my hand, attempt to interperate my handwriting, get agitated, leave the pen out on my desk to throw out, on and on and on.

Now here I am, six plus months later putting my foot down proclaiming “the pen stabbing will end this day and forevermore!”

Okay, it is probabally over dramatic. Hear me out though. How many times have you just been “meaning to do something”? Wasting your time, energy, (finger health!) and mental space thinking about how you have” to look after an object, a possesion, a person. All of these things take up time and a little section of our minds, how many little sections of our minds do we really have to give? How many can we afford to give? How many should we actually give? How many should just be for ourselves?

Think about it… and while you do that, I think I will have very satifiting throwing away ceremony!

Total Number of Items Discarded to date: 1


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