Self doubt

I’m not sure now if I’m beginning to doubt myself, or if the happy glow of restarting my business is beginning to fade.

I’ve been re-branding and re-analysing my choice of business name in “Melbourne Minimalist”. Sure it’s an epic blog name, but a business name? Previously I have just used my name, Jade Rhianne as my business name and “Jade Rhianne Photography” was born. (As you can tell, I had to go way into the creative archives for that one!).

I give so much advice to other small business’ with their branding – so why do I feel so lost when it comes to my own practice?

I’m nervous. I’m anxious. This is because this is something I can really see myself doing in a few years. Building up my business, perhaps contracting some other professionals so we can work epiclly together with clients. I am really truley passionate about this and scared of failing. So does “Melbourne Minimalist,” say all this? No, probably not.

So at the moment, I feel like I’m at this huge stop sign. I can’t turn left or right. I just have to wait until I get my name. Without it, I can’t print business cards, I can’t open a business bank account, get an ABN, print flyers, nothing.

Okay, just breathe. Stop thinking so far ahead (classic Jade move…). I just need to take the pressure off myself. Because of course, I can just re-brand again in the future when the name no longer suits me or the business. Life isn’t be all and end all. (Even though my brain would very much like to convince me otherwise.)



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