Learning to Relax

It has been a long lesson for me learning to be comfortable and happy doing nothing. Just be. To not have an agenda, a misson, an ever-growing to-do list. It is definitley one I am no where near mastering!

Beginning with 8am Yoga, I headed home for a shower and strolled down for late morning breaky out with the Fiance. Walking back (nearly blown back with gail force winds!) we drove to the shopping centre to pick up some weights for my Fiance’s home gym to train clients.

Then nothing. A simple, beautiful nothing. We just rested. Talked in bed. Had an afternoon nap, enjoying warming snuggles sheltered from Melbourne’s southerly wind. And it was just wonderful!

I find it very difficult to switch off. To not have a goal or a purpose with every little thing I do. It’s very Yang energy of me. My partner however, the opposite. He is driven when it comes to starting his personal training business but knows how to rest, relax and chill out without feeling guilty. This I struggle with, particularly the guilt. But by being with him, he teaches me how to relax (and I really do need too!).

It does sound like such an odd thing “learning how to relax”. But I think it is somethingmany individuals need practice in. We are driven by such an ambitious, goal orientated society in western culture and although we have created some of the most brilliant and awe-inspiring things, I believe we are also one of the most stressed and depressed societies on the planet.

Before I started working on this, I would have described myself as a pretty relaxed and mellow person. I had even compared myself in this with my other anxious friends. Looking back, I know that it was not the case and I absolutely was just as stressed and anxious as my friends were (I was just better at hiding it.).

Everything is balance. With the high energy, we do need the low. It is when we recover we refresh the mind and body that we truly become peak-performers. The alternative, to run on adrenaline and can’t slow down enough to listen to the nagging thoughts in our own heads? It doesn’t sound like much of a life to me.

So for now I’ll just practice, practice, practice and in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the little and wonderful moments of life and get back to my cuddles!



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