The Enchanting Glow of Tinted Screens

It was a very quick day today. I had woken up at 9am for a 9.30am Yoga class. During the class, I was not aware of time passing at all. In a good way, the class felt longer then my regular 75-minute Vinyasa. Heading home at 10.45am, past the bookstore to pick up my order, I arrived home in the kitchen to make a bowl of Paleo muesli with coconut yoghurt.

Wow! It is only 11.20am, I have the whole day left until starting my shift at 4pm. So I popped the telly on, and loaded the Fantastic Beast movie (all two hours of it!) and ate my breaky.

Then came the second DVD.

Then suddenly Poof! My abundance of time, vanished. I glanced at the watch on my left arm and there were 37-minutes until my shift started.

I hadn’t prepared my dinner for work, I hadn’t showered after yoga class, I hadn’t followed up my accountant’s emails. Nothing.

Flying off the couch grabbing two carrots and a tin of tuna for dinner, spraying dry shampoo in my hair and lathering on natural deodorant running out the door with barely a sniff at my right underarm. Oh wait, I hardly have a sense of smell. I’m screwed.

Now I’m stressed out, a little frantic and still questioning – where did my day go?

It’s easy to forget how much of a pacifier television, internet and the ever enchanting glow of blue-tinted screens can be. How numbing it is. How it entices you to look more, look deeper, loose yourself.

Years ago I remember reading something about how the human brain has less activity when watching a television program or movie than sitting down, doing nothing at all. Moving pictures have the power to literally make us think less. No wonder my afternoon evaporated.

That’s not to say that videos are bad, on the contrary, I don’t believe anything is bad. TV is not “out to get you”. Activities and objects only become harmful when used excessively. Like when bindge watching Trollhunters on Netfliks because of epic end-of-episode cliff hangers and surviving on eating popcorn and bowl after bowl of cereal all day (when I actually remembered to eat…)

So let’s just say I find it too easy to over-endulge on the blue screen. I just know that once I hit that power button, that’s my day is gone. I excert no willpower to stop myself from using my pacifer.

I think now, I have to set myself up with rules or a challenge to break this habit. So far, with my daily photo and writting challenge, I have arrived to my laptop everyday and written something, anything, to hit that goal. I won’t allow present self to let my future self down. I refuse to. It is with this unwaivering conviction that I need to set a new goal with my screen time. So here it goes…


1) Two movies per week or Two TV episodes a week.

2) Exception to the Goal:  When spending time with the Fiance, movies and/or television shows to not add to this total. (Snuggles and movies in bed are part of what we bond over!)

Okay, challenge accepted!

I will not have another day evaporate from me because of the moving screen! If I do, it will be because of a good book, and I can very happily live with that stimulant!



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