Melbournians and Cold Weather

What is with Melbournians and the cold weather? We live in one of the most constantly changing temperatures in the country and yet, we complain about our rapid weather change incessantly.

Today at the Studio, it was raining for an hour, sunny for another, rain and strong winds, and then sunny again. Repeat. But so what? This is Melbourne as this is the climate that we are known for.

It is also my theory of why we are one of the top fashion capitals in the country. We have to wear different weathered clothes every day (plus a pair of sunnies, a spare jacket and an umbrella in the boot of the car!).

It did get me curious though. As every new client came into the studio today complaining of icy winds and foul rain – was there really nothing else to talk about? Was this negative, complaining and depressed energy all that we have to share? Surely something good happened to you today? Or is this just your way of saying “Hello”? If that’s the case, I’d like a happier greeting, please.

Unfortunately, misery does love company. I see it happening all the time. Waking up early for my daily workout, still riding my endorphin high, I catch the peak train for all the daily 9-5ers and I feel it. That grey, depressing, black hole of numbness that seems to captivate everyone on the train. Sometimes I find after riding in the standing-room-only carriage, stepping off onto a dull, grungy platform. I’ve lost my morning sparkle. That wonderful, over-saturated colour and lively-ness I’ve self-manifested.

The morning commuters have literally sucked that energy from me. Not intentionally, but that kind of collective misery is drawn to light. Drawn to the abundance of positive energy.

Okay, some of my inner hippie is coming through, but chemically our bodies and energies do sync up when spending long periods of time together. Part of the human makeup.

Have you ever had an inspiring conversation with someone who motivates and inspires you. How the whole room seems to light up and you have left feeling fired-up and energised to the point of jumping out of your skin? The same happens when spending time with an individual or collective that are running on a more negative circit.

Since doing some of my kenesiology blocking, when entering and leaving public places, my body automaticly can fend off the negative energetic vampiric touch. Of course, sometimes it does not completely work but it definitley makes a difference.

It would be lovely to always be around beautiful, shiny and postive personalities and energies all the time. But both the light and dark are a part of life. It is also with the darkness that we can learn and grow. Develop and discover deeper aspects of our mind and bodies. This information gives us power. Power we can use as a strength for others, to teach and help people when they are in a dark place.

We are human because mentally and physically we do sync up to one another. Not just as a defence mechanisim but also to bond, connect, love and cherish one another. Because it is together that we can create and experience the best of human connection all the fullest emotional capabilities and power.

So fellow Melbourians, let’s welcome the icy weather and talk about experiences that encourage us to thrive at this time of year! Let’s leave the complaining behind us. We have too many wonderful parts of life to be happy and grateful for!



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