Forming good habits

It’s mid way through the challenge now, 10 days to go, and it has only been in the last few days that I have felt this new fluidity to my writing. Of course, my content is not Shakespeare, not at all, but then again this challenge has more so been about creating the habit of writing and practising the skill, nourishing it.

I am thoroughly enjoying this new found flow to my writing. Considering Day 3 and Day 4 the prospect of throwing my head into a wall seemed much for appealing than the simple tap tapping of the keyboard. Really, that’s all writing is. One word after another, the occasional spell check, another word, another word…

All my favourite writers, Cassandra Clare, Tolkien, Alexandra Adornetto, Christopher Paladino I’ve found that my appreciation and admiration for their work has deepened over this challenge.

To pursue their writing passion so diligently over the years to write amazing epic novels of adventure, romance and fantasy transporting not only themselves but their readers would have required unwavering discipline to simply turn up to the keyboard and simply write again.

It will be nice to drive more focus and my “Why” to this daily blog. The 30-Day Minimalism Game Challenge will give it some purpose and I’m excited to see where my writing can go with more direction. (Without the absent minded and random topics I’ve been writing down as of late, but practice is practice!)

So for anyone reading this, if you have a habit you’ve been wanting to start (or one you’d like to break!). Every day for 21-days. I am not even kidding. It’s completely brilliant. That moment when you hit the wall and you believe that starting your adventure was the most moronic idea you’ve ever conceived. Just do it. Yes, it will probably suck and not be your best performance but in the end – does that really matter? It is the getting there that really counts.




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