Thinking about Values

Today I got stuck thinking about my values. Not just what do I want out of my life but, what to I truly value? What drives me, what is important to me.

It’s not an easy conversation to have with yourself. Most of the time we do create stories or fabrications of our reality that we use to make ourselves feels better, make us the good-guy, placate our ego. But when you are truly honest with yourself, not lying, not hiding, you can really connect with your true foundational values. Though it can be a confronting conversation.

After my Chiropractic adjustment and weekly beach walk at Sandringham Beach, I was curious to find out what my actual values were, I printed out Rebecca Shern’s Values Sheet [ – highly recommend it if you’re looking to head down the rabbit hole of who you are] and got to work.

I think it is the most scribbled, crossed out, and jumbled piece of paper I’ve ever written on. So messy, that I considered printing another and starting again but even looking at my scribbles showed me the mini-debates my brain was in when arranging my Foundational, Core, Tertiary and Imaginary Values.

I wasn’t too surprised with my Foundational values of Health, Relationships and Growth. All of which, I know that without, I have nothing. They support me and give my life purpose. My hippie minimalist & eco living entering in my Core values and my Imaginary values from all social media platforms and unhealthy sweet foods. I did find it surprising that when thinking about my family and blood relatives as a whole, that they were only a Tertiary value. I did think that my Family was more important to me than that…

Not that I am upset with my family being a lower value, but when I truly think about it, out of all of my core relationships, that help me develop, grow,  and enhance my life direct family is on the bottom of that list – even though I do truly love them! Strange, but interesting what you can discover about yourself when you are truly honest.

Our values do change all the time just as we do throughout our lives gathering new experiences and learning new lessons so my family value will probably change, just like the rest of my values. Which is a good thing.

Afterall, if we all travelled through life exactly the same person every day – that would be such a boring life!



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