Personal Branding 101

Achieve Fitness Personal Branding Brainstorm

Today I got the opportunity to start work on my passion of personal & business branding Working 1-on-1 with clients, photographing business headshots, creating a website, a colour scheme is creative work I thrive on!

Starting the day in a holistic way, Josh Kelly (, soon to graduate as a personal trainer from the Australia Fitness Academy met me on the mat for a 9.30am Yoga Class in Sandringham.

Brainstorming ideas over an Acai Bowl and Panchetta for breakfast, we headed home and begin designing his website, and setting a date to photograph his headshot.

Five hours later, we have created a marketing plan and the first pieces of social media graphics to go out to their friends and family.

I am practically jumping up and down with excitement for him! (Hands shaking. Hard to type!)

Working with driven, ambitious and passionate people fuels my creativity. Through collaboration, we can create something beautiful and unique to his brand, mission and values.

Sometimes I forget that I have this skill, to create a collaborative collection of images, colours and logos, tie them all together and promote better communication with clients. It just comes so naturally to me that I forget that it doesn’t for others.

“Josh, You’ve just have to use the same three fonts for everything you design! Make those fonts your own so people, when scrolling through a mass amount of media, automatically recognise those fonts as your own. Even if they see it on someone else’s posts! Wait, you don’t know that?”

It’s comforting to know I can still help people with this even though I don’t have a degree in Marketing, Branding or Graphic Design. But I do have the experience practising it and the Photographic design skills to drive it home.

Feeling on creative fire today! Bring it on Day 17 – I’m ready!



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