Sparks to Flame

So again I’m drawing a blank for today’s content. Does it starting becoming redundant if every second post starts with “What do I write about now?”. Sorry readers, it’s probably not very interesting. But then again I started this blog to practice my writing, the fact that a few people have read this is a lovely bonus. Seriously I send you all love for taking the time to read this post from amongst a sea of blogging literature.

It has been lovely taking the time, even for 30-minutes to jot down my thoughts on digital ink. Now I’m struggling. I’ve already consolidated these “daily” mundane thoughts on digital paper. The surface thoughts are done. So what’s left then?

Well, to dig deep I suppose. But to what?

Starting this blog has been exciting. Seeing my first comment – thrilling. Editing the design – satisfying. The initial spark that started this whole process is starting to fade, now I’m left with just myself and my laptop (and my green & jasmine tea!).

Ah, so this is what cultivating passion is. This is how to nurture a skill, day by day, adding oxygen to the flame. Nourishing it so that one day that flame outshines the sparks that started it.

So now, even though it is feeling like a hard slog, knee-deep in muddy water, I’ve been finding I have actually been sticking to other personal lifestyle and health goals that, for the last few weeks, I’ve been slacking off and making excuses. (My sore abs can vouch for me!) I guess clearing the mental clutter has worked well so far!

I know that this challenge is good for me, it’s pushing me. I’m seeing interesting photographs where previously I haven’t found anything of note. (Now for the writing to kick in…)

15 days to go. Day 16 give me strength!



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