Passionate about Deadlines

I’ve been working the night shift, just arrived back home, I’m booked in for a 6am Yoga Class. It’s 11.12pm, I am just starting my blog post now. (I can’t bail on my 21 Day Challenge now!) Let’s just say I’ve learnt a couple of things about planning and commitment!

A benefit to publishing a blog – it keeps me accountable. I know that previously I would have just bailed using those dreaded words “I’ll do it tomorrow”. But “tomorrow” never comes – does it?

Writing, or at least my attempt at it, has been an idea or a creative outlet that I’ve always wanted to cultivate. Passions certainly are cultivated, not simply “discovered” or “destined”. I’ve never believed we are all meant to “do one thing”. People are much more complicated than that. We, can “do” anything and I don’t mean careers.

It’s so unfortunate that our simple primary-school action word “do” has morphed into “what job to you do for a living”. This is what I “do” –  I read, I ride my bike on weekends, I swim in open water, I watch too many movies on Netflix, I help manage a Flotation centre, I dance like a mad-woman to cheesy 90s songs…

When did it become more important to discuss our “professional” lives than what makes us excited and passionate? (I know which conversation I would enjoy more!)

Something to think about. 11.51pm now and I have just made the deadline with 9-minutes to spare with a pair of very droopy eyelids. Bedtime. Definitely going to be more prepared tomorrow, hopefully.


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