So it begins…

I’ll pretend I know what I’m doing. I’ll imagine that I have a vague idea of what this blog should accomplish. I’ve set up at my desk with a Green & Coconut Tea, changed out of my pyjamas, opened the window for some much needed fresh winter air (despite the 10 degrees icy Melbourne winter afternoon).

Okay, it’s too cold and now I have to get my dressing gown.

Now I’m ready to write. Ready. Now. Okay, go! Now. Words? Hello? Are you there?

That will be a no then. Well, at least now I’m 94 words in and I suppose that is a start. It’s strange when cultivating new passions. I suppose that’s what this blog / portfolio / business sight / inspiration brain dump may become…Though my writing doesn’t really feel like a passion at the moment.

In the past creative writing was a passive interest in my high school education. Good, Evil, Wizards, Magic and Romance. Every sappy Harry Potter and Shadowhunter cheese-ball fan odd love child that never made it to the elite stream of print publishers. I read once that when you write or create something new of yourself, you have to create it for yourself and not for others. If your creation doesn’t fuel, inspire, drive and satisfy you – then how can you evoke those emotions in others?

Well, that got deep fast. Now I’m too hot. Dressing gown off.

I’ve been practising this thing call Minimalism (cue blog name Melbourne Minimalist!). And no, I’m not a monk, I haven’t shaved my head, vowed only to wear orange and live in even colder climates to find my inner peace. Perhaps if I could always wear blue…

Though Minimalism certainly is a concept that does need to be cultivated, nourished and practised. Minimalism is removing the things that don’t add value to our lives to make room for the things that do which, aren’t really material things at all. I feel in love with this principle not only for the insane amount of material excess we bring into our lives but the relationships, goals, financies, thoughts.

Now the concept of Minimalisim has become an holistic lifestyle change rather than just about “stuff”.  I’ve found that I now have the time and capacity to now pursue old passions and cultivate new ones. Day 1 of writing complete, Day 2 come at me – I’m ready for you!



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